Ěstía No.7, The Olive Brine Gin

A No-Nonsense London Dry.

Distilled with olive brine, carefully paired with citrus and select botanicals for a unique and alluring taste. 

We grew tired of novelty gins and concerned with our waste. So we did something about both!

We love a good gin and we enjoy exploring new gins. Concerned with so many novelty gins flooding the market and the amount of waste olive brine flooding our production, we decided to address both by pushing the boundaries of waste recovery and gin craftsmanship. The result is Ěstía No.7. The Olive Brine Gin. An exclusive yet classic London Dry Gin that's true to our roots, reduces waste and is a real treat for the gin connoisseur and avid enthusiast the world over.    

Who Are We?

Ěstía No.7 is a London Dry Gin created by the lovely folk at Olives Et Al. We’ve been making the best table olives since 1993. We’re devoted to quality, provenance and experience. We’re also incredibly resourceful and super imaginative! We’re inspired by the warmth, hospitality and generosity that surrounds sharing food and drink with friends, old and new. 

Why Olives and Gin?

Our range of jarred olives is premium and exclusive. We take the finest Greek olives and allow them to cure in a salt water solution until they’re just right for the table. We’re left with a brine that is fantastically rich and far too good to be wasted, so we came up with the idea of distilling our olive brine. Our Olive Brine Gin is a unique spirit, definitive in depth and texture but popular in flavour.
Ěstía is the ancient Greek spelling of the Greek Goddess Hestia. Ěstía is the Goddess of the hearth who stands for hospitality and the home. These sentiments ring through our very origins and core. Greek olives are the mainstay of our traditional business and the defining spirit of Ěstía. By the way, the symbols above the ‘E' and ‘I’ in Ěstía are known as spirits - spooky right?!

What's Different About Ěstía No.7 Gin?

Though it’s the spirit of the olive that gives our Gin its unique qualities, olives do not define its taste. We combine the juice of Porters Perfection apples, citrus, Mediterranean herbs and botanicals. The qualities of the olive brine delivers a wonderfully smooth, clean gin with a delicate taste of orange, apples and cardamom, enhanced by the olive brine distillation. It’s a big gin that’s smooth enough to be enjoyed on its own but bold enough to excite mixologists and cocktail makers everywhere.