Know Ěstía

The Perfect Gin and Tonic

Ěstía No.7, The Olive Brine Gin, is so smooth you don’t need tonic. However, it does make the perfect G&T and it's best kept simple - but hold on the lime.

We recommend you pour Ěstía No.7 over extra large chunks of ice and serve with a chilled premium Indian tonic water and a twist of orange.

Expressing the fragrant oils over the surface provides the perfect aroma and a perceived acidity that enhances Ěstía No.7's fusion of citrus, spice and olive for a complex yet uniquely smooth drink that’s so good you’ll want to share it.


The Distillation

There are many gins but not all are created equal. Ěstía No.7, The Olive Brine Gin, is an exceptionally smooth London Dry Gin crafted from a unique recipe of rich olive brine, the juice of Porter’s Perfection apples, citrus and select botanicals. All are harmoniously presented in the finished gin. This olive brine mix is combined with the finest British wheat grain spirit then distilled slowly in a traditional copper still to extract the essential oils and flavour the base spirit.

We only use the heart of the distillation in Ěstía No.7 which is then reduced to bottle strength by hydrating with local spring water.


The Taste

Ěstía No.7, The Olive Brine Gin stands out from the crowd. The process of slow distillation and combination of flavours and oils, not least from the olive brine, make for a complex and extremely well rounded gin that is uniquely smooth. Many of the ingredients such as juniper, angelica root, coriander, rosemary, thyme and cardamom are the mainstays of many a gin recipe but these traditional notes are transformed with the addition of our rich olive brine which we recover from our Greek olive curing process. The recipe is lifted with citrus and distilled as one for an alluring taste that is so smooth you don’t need tonic.